This summer, befriend the sun, don’t fear it

Now we are in the peak of summer, make sure you are being sun smart and practicing your slip,slop slap to avoid getting burnt. However, make sure you don’t fear the sun as well, as it has many positive benefits when receive in portioned amount. Here are few of them…

5 Powerful Benefits of Vitamin D

Don't miss out on these 5 benefits of vitamin D. Go out and enjoy the sun today!

Posted by Dr. Joseph Mercola on Monday, 18 April 2016

Healthy road trip snacks!

Here are some healthy road trip snack ideas for those road trips you are to take now that summer is finally here. Safe travels everyone.

Healthy Road Trip Snacks

The top 10 healthy road trip snacks

Posted by TIME on Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Does good sleep hygiene really protect your brain?

In this day and age, the culture of being constantly ‘plugged in’ to our busy life or social media has lead to the increasing problem of poor sleep and insomnia. However, the more concerning factor is on what the poor sleep hygiene is doing to our brain.
To watch the video, click here.

Did you know….?

Chronic pain not only affects the body but also the mind. So next time when you meet someone with chronic pain, make sure you give them a little TLC for their mental health as well.

Postural Hygiene Tips for World Spine Day!

World Spine Day is on the 16th October every year which is officially yesterday here in NZ but it is bound to be 16th October somewhere in the world. Here are some handy tips about postural hygiene for when you are at your desk (which you are probably at right now reading this).

Can chiropractic care improve your strength?

Chiropractic Adjustment and Strength

Can a chiropractic adjustment make you stronger? 💪Well, while getting an adjustment may not turn you into a champion powerlifter, new research has shown increased cortical drive post-adjustment.

Posted by The Evidence Based Chiropractor on Tuesday, 21 August 2018