Chiropractic Exercise Tips

Here are a few chiropractic exercises that are easy to do and even a few can be done in your office, in between classes, or while spending a few minutes at the park.

Low Back Pain Exercises:

  • Table top. The table top exercise requires you to kneel on all fours, and then lift one of your legs as straight as you can go. The more you do it the more you will be able to lift your leg straighter.
  • Extension exercise.  While lying head down, you must move your head upward but not let your back bend. Do this stretching, until you feel a stretch on your hamstrings. That is as high as you should go.
  • Child’s pose.  Lay yourself in the position that your knees are wider apart than your hips. Turn your toes into touch and push your hips backwards as if in a bow and then stretch your hands forward in a relaxing position.

Neck Pain Exercises:

These following neck exercises provide you with a relief for neck pain. In fact, they are so easy to do that they can be done during your office or classes. This workout will definitely help anyone trying to increase their productivity during a long day.

  • Trap-stretch exercise. All you have to do is lie or stand or sit and bend your head to one side and use your hand on the same side to touch your ear of the other side from over your head.
  • Head Drop. You must take your head as back as possible with your chin pointing towards the ceiling. Don’t bend your back. And don’t stress your neck too much.
  • Turn your head in the way that your nose touches your shoulders, but do not move your shoulders. Do it both sides.

Shoulder Pain exercises:

  • Shoulder Shrug. As the name suggests, you shrug your shoulders. While you are standing or sitting up straight, you lift your shoulders up to your ear length and then while exhaling you let them down.
  • Shoulder blade Pinching. Either standing straight or sitting straight, take your arms to the back and inhale. When you feel your back skin pinching that is when you exhale and bring your arms forward.

Here you have it, a few exercises that will get you through your day and will help you in overcoming the pain. It is recommended that you see a chiropractor regularly if you want to get full recovery. If symptoms persist, consult your medical physician.

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