The Ultimate Guide To Great Posture!

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The way you hold yourself when standing, sitting, or walking can define your appearance a great deal — but it can also impact several aspects of your health, from your respiratory system to your mood. In the age of sedentary living and desk jobs, recent studies have discovered that consistent poor posture can lead to a slew of health issues, including fatigue, abnormal spine alignment, chronic pain, and digestive problems.

Of course, maintaining good posture takes self-awareness and discipline, especially if you’re used to crouching over your laptop or phone for over eight hours a day. That’s where the below infographic, designed by Voltier Digital, comes into handy.

The main differentiation between good and bad posture is that bad posture can put a strain on the body, weighing down on the lungs, spine, and muscles, while good posture actually relaxes the body and prevents tension and chronic pain. It’s just a matter of reminding yourself to keep your head as straight as possible, relax your shoulders and hold them back, and keep your feet flat on the floor, as the infographic illustrates. To view the infographic please click here.

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